The Ruins

Just wonder if Lady Ann Bernard stayed there in 1798. For the outsiders: Lady ann Bernard was the traveling wife of the British governor. Thanks to her diary we know how people were living in the rural part of the colony. The Ruins are part of the Springfontein Winery Estate here in Stanford.

Beyond the junk …

… you’ll always see something interesting …..

African Passports

The time that one could travel around the African Continent with a colorful passport mask is (unfortunately in a way) long gone. Nowadays it’s all paperwork.

Sea Mist moving in

This picture was shot last Tuesday afternoon at around 4 near Die Kelders in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Not in the flying mood …

Canola fields all over

The Overberg area in the Western Cape, South Africa, is one of the ‘food baskets’ on which Cape Town survives. It’s also known as one of the main national suppliers of Canola. This is the time of the year that you see flowering canolas. Just a few shots while on the road.

There ….. under the Milkwood Tree

YouTube with Landscapes, Birds and Flowers

Especially made for those travelers and others who are curious about the area I live in: a YouTube presentation of 446 seconds with photographs of landscapes, birds and flowers in the Overberg, Western Cape, South Africa. This is a ‘rough cut’ (with a spelling error in the title!!! 😉 which nobody has noticed yet….) and …

One Misty Morning 9 (The End)

In primary school in Holland we learned that clouds were made above the sea. During many travels abroad we learned that this is not (always) the case. Thursday Morning August 1 I did my farm tour around the village and this is the last part of the result. Sometimes I’m still in doubt wether I …

A vineyard topped with canolas