Some of my favourite images of 2018

On show this weekend

Photo-graphics and close-up wildlife photographs of Herman van Bon exhibition in Greyton

The Newsletter

Online shop

At last we succeeded in setting up an online shop. Banking is expensive in South Africa. For a credit card machine one pays a monthly fortune and is only worthwhile with a huge turnover. Banking fees per credit card transaction exceeds 5% and that’s far above the global average. But there are always loopholes and …

Private BBQ

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Nostalgia 1

Little monster

  Interesting to see that since I publish trial macro pictures on diverse social media pages local and regional photographers are jumping into it.

Instagram hit


Surprise for Instagrammers

Here am I.¬†(on Instagram). You may follow me   For¬†peeptweet: @greencathedral           And a real surprise is my selfie:             Oops:           That’s better (B&W reduction with textures, toning and colouring)