Nostalgia 1

Little monster

  Interesting to see that since I publish trial macro pictures on diverse social media pages local and regional photographers are jumping into it.

Instagram hit


Surprise for Instagrammers

Here am I. (on Instagram). You may follow me   For peeptweet: @greencathedral           And a real surprise is my selfie:             Oops:           That’s better (B&W reduction with textures, toning and colouring)

Panorama Sunset Van der Byl Mountain

See yesterday’s picture (scroll back to second post below) In the meantime I figured out via Facebook that not many villagers know about the name.  

Field Inspectors


This morning my Facebook photography page noticed me of the 1000th follower/liker. Co-incidentally somebody from the village I live in. In the meantime I see that there are 1004 fans. I’ve never paid FB for that although I know I could multiply the audience quite easily by paying for so called sponsored links each targeting …


Sometimes one sees on social media those tubes in which cows react to a singer or a musician. It’s a myth. Whatever you do; cows (bovines) are curious by nature. They even approach a shooting photographer.



Art Thirst at the Hermanus Art Walk

Every first Friday of the month 14 galleries in Hermanus remain open until 8 PM displaying the work of around 300 artists. Art Thirst is one of those galleries and owned by well known South African painter Leon Müller. This Friday evening he will have a surprise artist in his gallery. Men are invited to …