Tomorrow ‘Haturday’

A local business man in our village had some weeks ago a bright moment. ‘What if all villagers start to wear hats on Saturday?’, he wondered. ‘Wouldn’t that be an extra attraction of the tourists?’.  He launched the idea of ‘Haturday’ on a local Facebook page, warmed a few friends up, and the idea got shape. Last Saturday …

My Self Portraits

I change myself every now and then. Which me do you prefer?

Visualising the message

Comedy, Romance, Action or Suspense … it’s all there and here am I who visualised the message ….

That awesome moment in a local eat cafe ….

“I want that YUM-Burger”!!! Goodbye BigMac

My tweet of the day

Who can explain: Big #brands bragging about more followers and engagement on #socialmedia and sales plummeting? Can you?


This sunbird first looks to the left and than to the right before ‘going on air’; exactly the way I learned to look before crossing a road many, many years ago. (BTW: My day yesterday: Client ‘complaining’ he’s getting too many customers via Social Media….  AND an enquiry for a photo print from a client in New York, …