Every Day is a new Day ….

…. with surprises. I’m privileged to live in South Africa. The country is globally in the news because of its president with whom not everybody agrees. 22 Years after Mandela became president and the country officially a democracy not much has changed. There is still ‘apartheid’, there is crime, there is a lack of decent education (in fact education for the masses has not been improved┬ásince 1994 (understatement ­čśë ) etc. etc.

But why should I be so optimistic about me (Dutch) living in South Africa since April 2000?

Well, where I live (125 km East of Cape Town) every day is full of surprises for the photographer. The day┬ástarts with the Golden Hour and it ends with a majestic sunset. If you get up early in the morning or go to bed at night with these views and don’t become optimistic …. well…. (?)…

Post Overberg Fires

The past few weeks a surface with the surface of the Cape Peninsula (Cape Town) went up in flames in the Overberg. It did not get into the national news for the journos/editors in the Mother City seemingly think that South Africa┬áends at the Hottentots Mountains 50 km East of Cape Town ( ­čśÇ ). News in South Africa is very relative by the way. Good (investigate) journalists who┬ágo the extra mile are nowadays a rarity but that’s another story. Anyway I just made a photo-collage of the destructive fires. All property and agricultural crops/livestock saved; thanks to the (local) fire fighters amongst them numerous volunteers; all provided with food and drinks by other local people. In our village a team of 5+ volunteers kept themselves busy buttering bread (etc.) and distributing it to the several spots where the fire fighters were in action. That’s what I call ‘community spirit’. Yes; it’s there in South Africa: people of different walkabouts standing together for a common goal. If only the politicians could follow that example…. ­čśë


Plant collection for sale

Ideal for collectors, landscapers, etc. in the Western Cape, South Africa.

In a few months time we move to another place. We can either take our collection with us (well, we take some for sure) or sell. We have chosen for the latter option.

Huge collection cacti and (African) succulent plants for sale. Ideal for landscaping. A.o.: Cycads (with permit), Aloes, Cyphostemmas, Azuro cacti, Boojum tree, Mammillarias. Adenias, Adeniums, Old Man’s Beard, Pachypodium (Geha, Lamerei), Agaves, Neobuxbaumia (cactus), Fero cacti, Astrophytum, Pine-apple trees, etc. All together a few hundred plants from small (also in pots) to 2m high. Email┬áme (greenc -at- omail.co.za) for details. The collection is in Stanford near Hermanus. On appointment only.