The Red Carrot has Yellow Flowers

The Bulbine Natalensis is a much wanted plant and every traditional healer has some in stock. Rastafarians are using the dried (red roots) as ingredient for a purifying tea. The plant became worldwide known when the South African government announced that this plant cures HIV-AIDS. That was a bit besides the truth but the pharmaceutical industry is using bio-chemical elements of the roots for new medicins.


Before and After (trial)

The challenge (Dutch client): make a picture of a Summer landscape and transform it into an Autumn landscape. Well I made 3 pictures here in South Africa where it is Winter …

Now he also wants to have snow …. 😉

Rare books

“Variety is life; uniformity is death”Pyotr Kropotkin

As a collector of rare books one must have a lucky day every now and then. Recently I stumbled in a Bric-à-brac shop in Hermanus (not the famous ‘first edition bookshop’ that also has some charming junk and kitsch figurines between the books) on a collection of old books that varied from Caldwell to a very rare 100 yr old Kropotkin. Thirty to 60 Rand (2-3 EURO) each. There are still a few nice books left …

books2 books