Verandah shot

Gloomy Morning

Season the the loose promises

This month there are the elections in South Africa.

Who waits for a taxi in rural South Africa ….

…. can wait a very, very long time…

Detail of an urban landscape

Blue Crane

An impression of the National Bird of South Africa

Spider shoot

Macro shots of a tiny spider (diameter 5mm) from both sides of the window

The House with the Red Roof

A year ago 1

Hugenot Memorial Museum

Recently we visited the Hugenot Memoral Museum in Franschhoek. Unknown to many South Africans (isn’t it amazing?) is the Perfume Museum. It’s part of the Hugenot Memorial Museum. Over 95% of the visitors is from abroad. More about the Perfume Museum: see a previous post of a few days ago. Just an impression of the …