On your feet


After Lunch

In the meantime on the farm 407 Oh Deere


Haiku Photography

There is, as far as known, only two people in South Africa who specialise in haiku photography. Besides Herman van Bon (Napier, Western Cape) there is Lize Bard from Gauteng.

Country Life

The inspirational Overberg, Western Cape, South Africa

The fire

It’s not only California that suffers from fire during the Summer months. It’s Summer here in South Africa and almost no day without a fire in the Western Cape. Recently, for the second time in a month, just outside our village.


At a gallery

The most interesting art galleries in South Africa you sometimes find off the beaten track. The gallery of artists Willem and Tina De Roubaix for example. It’s in Wolvengat; somewhere in the outback of the Western Cape. The artist couple is not internet minded (so don’t google) but their clientele can be found around the …