The musicians

Backing up the choir

For your agenda

26-27 October: Baardskeerdersbos Art Route. You will find Yvonne at nr. 4 on the BBos Art Route map (previous house/workshop of Joshua Miles). 3 of my photos/photo-graphics are in the collection of the Baardskeerdersbos Art Gallery (nr. 5 on the map).

The local Marimba band

‘Party’ in the church

Last week 4 top choirs from South Africa performed in the DR-Church in the village. Absolute world class; the whole church was vibrating. But there was more to this choral festival; the spiritual joy of singing and dancing together. At the end of the festival all choirs performed together; what an apotheosis!!!


(Blue Bottle – Physalia utriculus)

Marilyn Monroe is here

Marilyn Monroe is here

… only 50 meters downhill from here

Mist on the beach


Kassiesbaai Rocks

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