En Garde

Communication with the powers above


Our little town

Let me take you on a photographic journey through our little town; Napier, Western Cape South Africa. On first sight it looks a bit dull but underneath a lot of activity; a guy who makes working miniature steam engines; a chess board maker a designer jeweller to mention a few and they all have customers …

Never a dull moment in a ‘dull village’

We even have traffic jams in Napier, South Africa. See for yourself… šŸ˜‰

Some Street Photography

My favourites of 2017

Last posting of 2017. That 2018 will be a prosperous year for all.

Up to the rooster

For some years the wind always came from the same direction. Not anymore ……  

The Gardener

Who is cheeky: the gardener of the photographer?

Being an example