The Return of the Dragons — Studio 98

A Photo-Graphic is basically a photo (or photo-collage) with added textures and digital in-painting/drawing. And yes; when the Earth trembles the old comes up.

The Return of the Dragons — Studio 98

Selection of 2020

Every year I make a collage of my favourite photos I took during the year. These pictures are not necessarily the ones that have got the most attraction but rather the ones that means the most to me. They represent such huge experiences for me. See also my other website.

That said I am hugely grateful for all of your engagement here on my page. I love my job and I have a burning passion for what i do. Thank you all for making that possible.I have a lot planned for 2021 and I hope it will be full of close encounters, experiences and breathtaking moments. See you all in the field, and happy new year..


This year I am booked for three exhibitions of my Haiku photography. The first one is in April and time flies. I need to create 12 new ones and I just finished 5. So 4 more to go. The fifth is a triptych (Earth, Wind and Fire) with 4 haikus:

I am seen by name

Several things dance to beat

Warn; Gargoyles here



Hovering over

fathomless waters dark, deep

earth awakes from sleep



Windy afternoon

the Gargoyle confronts both;

angel and devil



The whirling spirits

try to fire the gargoyle

disappear in air

The Haiku photo’s of the triptych are printed on Fuji 300 gsm paper (A2 size). The others will all be printed on rice paper in A4 size and framed (with passe partout) in A3 sized frames for which I made an own design and looking now for a frame maker who likes a challenge.

The four that are ready:

The Haikus that go with these:

  Haiku Africa

Whispering winds
The ancestors voices
The Soul of Africa


Little more than

pulsing emulsion

the man fighting himself


Blue Stream glistening

Hiding in the deep valley

Where I know I’m safe


Slow song sweeltly sung

she sways gently. wishing for

his tender embrace

Thoughts on a Sunday morning

I have always been fascinated by mythology. Recently I’ve been reading up about mythology in the bible and this inspired me to create this composite photograph. Mythology is older than the bible and I wonder now if the bible  is (partly) build on myths. Mythology is not restricted to one particular culture; it’s a global phenomena interwoven through all cultures. I also discovered that there are different bible versions depending on which Christian religion. For example: Deut 32:33 “Their wine is the poison of dragons” or “…. is the venom of serpents”. 

Wether it’s Scandinavian-, Aboriginal-, Venda- or biblical mythology the meaning of the different symbols is the same throughout the different cultures (religions) around the globe.

Eagles (35 times mentioned in the bible), for example, symbolises  the good and protection against evil; Owls stand for wisdom but mostly mentioned in a negative context (Leviticus 11:13-19); Serpents/Snakes (44 times in the bible) are evil as are dragons (35 times in the bible). History shows that the bible has been rewritten numerous times during the first 14-15 centuries by the Roman Catholic Church and after that also by its ‘spin-off’ (Calvin/Luther/etc.) churches. The essence of mythology in the bible however remained the same.

For the second photo-graphic imaginary I used elements from Norwegian mythology (Norske Miögatör), which also inspired JRR Tolkien, and added the known Christian peace symbol (dove) which also occurs in native American and Celtic myths. This composite was made for the festivities last September in Tulbagh (Western Cape, South Africa) commemorating the earthquake in 1969 .

Guest of honour

“According to Aboriginal legend, emus were creator spirits that used to fly and look over the land. To spot the emu, look south to the Southern Cross; the dark cloud between the stars is the head, while the neck, body and legs are formed from dust lanes stretching across the Milky Way”. – ABC-Net Australia.