Chair with a view

The duck that flew through the wall

Guest of honour

“According to Aboriginal legend, emus were creator spirits that used to fly and look over the land. To spot the emu, look south to the Southern Cross; the dark cloud between the stars is the head, while the neck, body and legs are formed from dust lanes stretching across the Milky Way”. – ABC-Net Australia.

‘Disco in the Courtyard’

Composite with Blue Cranes dancing. Textures and local toning added.

8 in 1

For these composites I used 8 photos and fitted them together. The surface divisions are a composition in their own right.

‘Black Friday’

The tale of the floating nymph

(composite with graphics)

Huxley’s Door

The Art of Perception through Imagination:

Huxley’s Door

Some of my favourite images of 2018