The spin-off of the art event ‘Creative Napier’ last month keeps Jewellery Designer Yvonne de Wit busy, at least to the end of this month.

Numerous bracelets, and necklaces, etc. All for customers from Napier and surrounds plus an order from France.

Photo: Rings of South African Sterling Silver and brass with natural bonded pigmented earth minerals which I add layer after layer; a process that, including drying, takes about 14 days.

Come and have a look at her collection at Studio98 (98 Sarel Cilliers Street) in Napier. Until end of next week daily open.

The Caledon Botanical Garden

It was three years ago we visited the Caledon Botanical Garden. It is the oldest ‘officially recognised’ botanical garden of South Africa.

We love this garden for several reasons. First of all mainly endemic plants and secondly the informal (more natural) character.

It’s not a ‘tourist trap’ as several others with traces of herbicides and ‘indigenous flora’ partly endemic to Namibia and Botswana (although parts of SA -North West, Northern Cape- are natural distribution areas).

It does not look neat either with manicured hedges and shrubs.

So, it was time for another visit today. Still that natural look we like BUT what a decline in basic maintenance with amongst others loose bridge-railings and broken planks (rest areas).

That sat aside; worthwhile the visit!!!