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what some people leave behind ….

Off the Beaten Track


Earth Hour 2013 (revisited)

This morning I was looking back at the multitude of events organised in our little village during 2013; from horse- to dog shows, life performances of artists from around the globe, cricket day and Flocktober Festival, etc. Sometimes such an event attracts only locals and sometimes from all over. My dearest event of 2013 is …

Landscape, yesterday somewhere in the Western Cape, South Africa

Space Travellers 2

All elements in this imaginary are shot with a low resolution ‘snapshooter’ and inspired by the outdoor theatre spectacle FABRIKK  of Karl Kuhne Gassenschau in Switzerland last year.



Good Night

Crossing over


Deja Vu: The Caledon Botanical Garden

While tourists are, en masse, directed to the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden in Cape Town by the tourism industry; real garden lovers from abroad (who did their own home work) prefer to go to a garden one-and-a-half hour East of the ‘Mothercity’. No tourist banter like coffee shops, restaurants and Made-in-China-shops but a real more natural …