King of the Jungle (several images)

The average wildlife photographer is always under guidance of a game ranger. I don’t like that. Sometimes one has to take a calculated risk. So I went to observe a lion somewhere in South Africa. It’s rare that I publish fully processed photos on the internet. This is one of my exceptions: My all time …



People drink …

and what you can do with the bottlesĀ   

My Place

Small town in rural area. In my case it’s Napier in the Western Cape, South Africa.  

Veld Merino after a visit to the hairdresser and more

Unlikely? Really? The images are real… (see captions)    

Behind the fence

Nightlife in the countryside; a porcupine running along the fence.

Some small town stuff

Years ago when we were the owners of Soekershof Botanical Gardens one of our slogans was: “Everything you always wanted to know about SEX … in the garden but never dared to ask” Reason for the local tourism bureau to inform tourists not to go over there because it was all pornography … šŸ˜‰ Very …


Stephanotus bud


… the photographer.

Rise and Set

Both can be colourful.