After the harvest and tomorrow we taste

Growing grapes is one thing but creating excellent wines of grapes demands at least as much craftmanship. Although modern technology helps the wine maker he/she still needs the, as the Germans say, ‘Fingerspitzengefuhl’. At Springfontein in Stanford, South Africa, the grapes are first manually graded (no machine can do it that good) and next the …

Park along the river

It’s merely green but not in this picture. Think it’s much nicer and spherical in hints of grey.

The Grape Harvest

Early Monday morning staff of Springfontein in Stanford, South Africa gathered together at the cellar. From there we all went to the vineyards settled in a great natural landscape. It must be a joy to start the annual harvest in such majestic surroundings in a strip of land between the lagoon and the ocean. The …

Light conduct

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There are spot lights and spot on lights. It all has to do with ‘streamlining’ light. Libar in The Netherlands always has been (since the eighties) on the forefront in the development of transparent conductors and later in the design and engineering of upmarket high quality light elements. Not easy to acquire them for these …

Balls on a rope

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Before a long, long weekend….

….. the usual update of our garden in Full Color and BLack & White:

Living like …..

The Dutch have the expression “Living like a God in France”. Well…. this Dutchman lives like a God in Stanford, South Africa.


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Telecommunication with the ancestors

Spirituality of native (tribal) people around the globe, from Australia to Australia, has a significant element of ancestry in it. Native people of South Africa are balancing on the edge of traditional values and the ‘comfort’ of modern times. ┬áHence this imaginary of a Xhosa woman calling the spirits of her ancestors for guidance.

Imaginary: Going Down Under or not; a helping hand

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