Herman van Bon Photography

Fine Art Photography, Napier, South Africa.

Me and my partner of life opened in April 2017 our own Private Gallery in Napier, Western Cape, South Africa. Visits ‘by appointment’; see website or below for contact details. The gallery is on the main road between Cape Town (90 minutes) and Cape Agulhas; the Southernmost Tip of the African Continent (45 minutes). Gallery owners and shops (retailers) have now the opportunity to see the whole collections of fine art photographs and jewelry pieces. Although most of my photographs were sold abroad; since the opening of the gallery the local sales have gone up significantly. Many of the displayed images are in suitcase format (easy ‘take aways’ for tourists from abroad). The website also offers an online buying opportunity; not as professionally as special designed online sites but with more personalized interaction for a potential buyer has to email us directly for payment options and mailing expenses which, from South Africa, differs per geographic group of countries.


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