African Paradise Flycatcher

The African paradise flycatcher is a medium-sized passerine bird with a very long tail. It is a common resident breeder in Africa south of the Sahara Desert. The male is boldly coloured in chestnut and black and the female is rather more drab. Wikipedia Scientific name: Terpsiphone viridis

Detail of African hut door

Still many awesome ornamental succulent plants for SALE

Despite excellent sales during the past two Sundays we still have a few hundred plants for sale; partly in pots and partly directly from the garden. Amongst these plants are still some collector’s items. Prices are realistic (mentioned in captions and in South African Rand); we don’t deal in bargains. What we don’t sell goes …

African Hairpin (2 pictures)

First flower of the African Kapok Tree

A few months after our removal to Stanford we planted 7 African Kapok Trees (Ceiba pentantra) along the road in front of our house. These thorny stemmed trees grow fairly fast and yesterday the first flower opened itself. Wonderful.

Vintage style Nguni

(Imaginary) Nguni is the collective noun for African cattle. True free rangers with a human eye (well … at least this one has 😉 )

Duck shooting in Stanford, South Africa

I love Japanese paintings and prints and should like to have an original at home. This morning, before the rain turned loose, I had my doggy walk with camera in hand and came across a bunch of ducks having their Sunday morning nap on some branches sticking out of the water. While processing the pictures …

Imaginary African Garden Party