Dripping Alluaudia procera and a flower

The Alluaudia species originate from Madagascar. “Compare it with a woman” (said my wife once) “soft on the outside but mind the spines underneath the leafs.” On the picture new growth; in a few months the leafs will cover the spines.


“Just like a woman…”

….. says Yvonne. “Soft on the outside but be aware of the spines under the succulent leafs…”.

Alluaudia procera (origin: Madagascar)Β is one of my favourite succulent plants. Both ones in our garden are 3 year old cuttings which are now about 2 meters above the ground. Guess it will become about 10-12 meters high in time.


Like a woman ….

…… Soft on the outside but watch out for the spines in between …. πŸ˜‰ (Alluaudia procera. Origin: Madagascar)

What I in fact want to tell is that I’m out of this blog … for one week … but be back Friday 4 October (that’s ‘Animal Day’ according to the Roman Catholic church which also happens to be my Birth Day….). Wonder if I’m going to meet Shiara …. πŸ˜‰ Should be around in this part of South Africa I understood….