The Performer

Graham Burton doing a reprise of his unforgettable, hilarious and poignant role of Bertie, the backyard mechanic from Parow (suburb of Cape Town). Ostensibly retreating to his garage to work on his car, instead he wanders down memory lane with a bottle of brandy and his Creedence Clearwater tapes, reliving his glory days. Trevor Noah and some other ‘stand-up’ comedians can learn a thing or two from him; one of these is NOT to laugh about the own jokes. Pictured in the Alma Cafe.


Creedence Clearwater Revival: The Story of John Fogerty ….

… is a performance I enjoyed yesterday evening in the Alma Cafe in Cape Town.

For the first time, the Alma hosted one of Cape Town’s great tribute shows, CCR: The Story of John Fogerty. Featuring the original cast members, Barry Thomson, Richard Tait and Robbie Stemmet (Boulevard Blues) this iconic and highly entertaining show.  

An audience of 60 people  packed along tables (there is always food in Cape Town) in a space of about 50 sqm which it had to share with the band. Great fun. Nice people all in their fifties and reliving the late sixties and seventies.

It was dark. I did not use a flash (virtually never do) but ISO 3200 and noise in pictures  reduced with MacPhun Noiseless Pro. The rest of the processing I did with a variety of software.