Winter aloes are flowering again

Droplets 1

Yellow aloe flowers in a blue sky plus bokeh as ‘added value’

Aloes and a blue sky 2

Aloes and a blue sky

After the rain aloes

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Aloe time in the Western Cape

The Western Cape in South Africa is a Winter rainfall area. And while the Northern Hemisphere is moving into the summer here we slowly move into the Winter. For the Western Cape it means that many endemic aloes will provide a magnificent view while driving through the rural part of this South African province.

The last of the Winter flowering Aloes is late this year …

Winter in South Africa 3 of 10

Time for the Winter flowering aloes

We did some landscaping

A few months ago we were awarded with the assignment for a truly water wise minimalist garden that hardly needs any maintenance. The owners are not gardeners but like to enjoy the outdoor in their spare time off. The garden, exclusive the house measures around 700 square meters which we leveled, than put a root …

Time for the Winter flowering aloes

Rain or shine; this Aloe hybrid will flower for months to come. After our arrival here in Stanford, 20 months ago, we undertook a major job by removing a hedge with invasive shrubs and planted the strip along the wooden fence with water wise succulent plants. These all grow nicely.