(composite with graphics/textures)

3000 m2 wall in the making

500,000 hand moulded clay bricks stacked by hand and fired. Most of the bricks in South Africa are made this ancient way. Shot between Bredasdorp and Napier in the Western Cape, South Africa.  

Mystical moment

During a hike we entered an open space in an ancient forest and suddenly everybody stopped talking, sat down and looked around wondering about the sudden silence….. Just the click of the camera …

Puzzle Picture 5

(The man who parachuted himself into an ancient tree)

Le Labyrinth Cretienne dans la Forêt Ancienne

A title in French always sounds ‘très chique’ 😉 Translated it means ‘The Cretan Labyrinth in the Ancient Forest’. You see; French is not that difficult except when you are in conversation with French people because they talk so fast that it seems that they forget half of the words… Anyway this is an imaginary …

It’s spooky out there ….

…. with millions of (invisable) eyes watching you and natural creatures so weird on your way through the ancient Platbos Forest….. (Imaginary)

The Lost People

If people (especially the ones from outside the African Continent) are talking about South Africa the conversation is ‘Black’ and ‘White’. But what about the in-between South Africans? These are, with one foot in ancient tradition and the other in contemporary (white) society; the ‘Lost People’. The ‘Coloreds’ have their own world embedded between vague …