Once upon a misty morning (4 pictures)

All shot with different angles towards the sun.

Double glazed effect

Single shot of reflection in two glazed doors standing in a slight angle..

Angles 2: Kitchen Towel Roll

I love angles. Here some of a kitchen towel roll on a table. However I prefer this one and that. There is also this eccentric one or look at the snake interpretation of the ‘rusty rambler’. Just to mention a few. Until so far 248 submissions to this challenge. This is 249..  

It’s in the angle of the camera

Blue Eyes Reflection (with mirror in an angle)

Garden Update 23 September 2014

Between 9 and 9:30 AM. Some pictures in B&W and others in colours. Most of them shot with opposing sunlight (within 30 degrees angle of lens)

Another Sundowner

Maybe our village should be the Sundowner Capital of the Western Cape. Virtually every night a feast for the eye. First image facing South-West (20-30 degrees angle with sun and camera in 45 degrees angle with clouds for catching optimal details) and the second picture facing North.  

The Guardian 2

(from a different angle)


Objects can be pictured from different angles and processed with different outcomes. Here is what I did with my glasses. Just experimenting.

Peruvian Mask 2

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Sometime ago I did this image subject from the top in color. Now from a different angle in B&W and HDR-toning