Looking for Prey

The Great Avian Disappearing Act

It’s Magic; it’s Illusionism; it’s an Imaginary.

Rock Kestrel

The Rock Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus. Fam.Falconidae) is a ‘lone hunter’ of insects, mice and lizards. ┬áLikes to watch from high vantage points but this time I was above this falcon specie.

Why all these birds …

Somewhere in nowhere at the edge of an imaginary ancient forest where faeries dwell forever guarded by birds who warn them for human intruders …

There ….. under the Milkwood Tree

Duck in plain Blue

Wild Life on the Road

Snapshots through the windscreen.

Watch Dogs

It’s the little one to watch for….

He’s a big boy

Hi, I am Vino and I am the one who welcomes you for for a superb wine tasting experience here in Stanford at Springfontein Winery. Ain’t I a beauty of a great Dane?