Recently I made a series of pictures of jewellery. All jewellers showcase their products in s similar way; it has to look more beautiful than is to persuade potential buyers. I made the ‘honesty deal’ with my client to picture her jewellery as is. Meaning that I have to transform the reality to look real on your screen knowing that different monitors have different colour and resolution characteristics. Mission Impossible? Yes and No. If you work with an Apple it’s (more of less) a YES. With a Windows-PC it might be different. From my own experience I know that a Toshiba laptop is a NO.

In the blogpost my client published yesterday you see reality (provided you work with an Apple).

Below a reworked version of one pictures of the series the way I see it.

All pictures made in a light-box.  Lights with 2950 Kelvin and images processed in DxO Optics Pro 9.


Dear WordPress…

Does anybody have a solution??? The support department of wordpress does not respond and their forums/support pages are not very helpful either in this regards…. This is the message I send to support@wordpress.com this morning and simular messages I’ve send during the past few weeks but without any reply….

Hi there,

Before I want to upgrade the blog https://elementaryposters.wordpress.com I should like to see that the problems I am experiencing with secure connections to the wordpress.com server are solved.
I am using a brand-new Apple iMac (MC812) with the latest version of Safari. It does not make any difference when I clear cookies and caches or add an ‘s’ to ‘http’; the problem: Safari is unable to establish a secure connection with the wordpress.com server. Until so far the solutions offered in your forums/support pages are not sufficient. In practice I have to ‘reload’ pages several times. Submitting a post is a hazard for the page does not always open in full and adding photographs …. tsjoo…. I’m sweating.

Please help!