I am very vivid

I am over 60 yrs of age, not as fast as I used to be but still very ‘vivid‘. Now there is something with those weekly photo challenges; whatever subject I vividly use my brains and, vivid as I am, pick the pictures from my archive. According to my dictionary VIVID is ‘alive’, ‘energetic’ and ‘bright coloured’. So the pick of this week is easy. A portrait can be vivid as is a landscape, a bird, an insect, etc. etc. There we go:

Grape Harvest

With the grape harvest in South Africa about to begin I thought it was a good idea to ‘dive’ into my archive and re-process some harvest pictures of last year. Photo shooting at Springfontein Winery in Stanford, South Africa. Original RAW-images reprocessed with Topaz (Photoshop plug-in) in ‘opalotype’

Watching the Sun rise

Didn’t have to do much to compose this simple imaginary. Recently I cleaned my archive of the past 3 months (approx. 2000 pics and elements erased) so there was not that much left to choose from. To the few elements I kept belong the girl on the swing and the Papiesvlei sheep. Both I used in the past and now for the last.  The two elements were added to a picture of the sunrise near the Robert Stanford Estate on the outskirts of our village. Robert Stanford by the way is the name-giver of the village that was established mid 18-hundreds.