Local Talent in the village 2

Yes; Napier (South Africa) has talent. This weekend two of them will perform during the annual ‘Patatfees’ (Sweet Potato Festival). Coached by local musicians/sound engineers they improved a lot during the past year. Ready for the big stage. He will perform in the cococola truck at the grounds of the Protea Primary School this Friday …

The moon

Light sculpture by reclycling artist Jan Vingerhoets from Baardskeerdersbos

The last of 2017

The end of 2017 was a once off private performance of ‘The Better box Co’ of ‘THE HUNTING OF THE SNARK’ (by Lewis Carrol’) in, of all places, Wolvengat in the Western Cape, South Africa. The play was initiated by artist Willem de Roubaix who also created the moving cardboard orchestra (home made electronics and …

An artist’s bridge

Pictured at the studio of painter Ivan Trollip in Baardskeerdersbos, Western Cape, South Africa.

‘He’s back’ but first the interview

From an interview with Jeré Möller of ‘Visit Overberg‘ Herman van Bon – An artist unleashed Sitting down to chat with fine art photographer Herman van Bon is a bit like jumping on a magic carpet. A few seconds in and you are time traveling to visit the ancestors. Minutes later you are standing with …

Going Deep 7 (2 pictures)

I’m still engaged in the completion of these two pictures. In the previous 6 posts you have seen some developments but still I’m not satisfied. For the moment I leave them as they are but I’ll work on these imaginaries again sometime in the future. The images are based on a sculpture of artist Ulrich …

‘Spaghetti People’ (4 pictures)

Artist unknown except that she once lived in Aberdeen in the Eastern Cape, South Africa and created those long feet ceramic figures which were known as ‘Spaghetti People’. If anyone coincidentally knows her name and eventually more details please comment.

The heat is on

(Imaginary based on a sculpture of South African artist Ulrich Riek)

The fish went flyabout

The details are in the textures. For this imaginary I used sculptures of artist Ulrich Riek from Napier in South Africa.

Rocket Science in the Overberg

Will this be the future??? Although recycling artist Jan Vingerhoets from Baardskeerdersbos is fascinated by it.