The Spirits of the Rock Collector

My world today

…. is a blue tinted imaginary landscape… And I’m not satisfied (yet 😉 )



“Imagination is more important than knowledge“, said Albert Einstein once. So let’s imagine that this spineless cactus (known as Lophocereus scottii Monstrose) is a reïncarnation of an anaconda with human eyes …. May I?

B. in Forest

Early Morning Spirituality

One of the recent posts in monochrome but with a twist: I should name it now something as ‘Spirituality with the feet in the ground’. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Full Moon Forest Walk in the Twilight Zone as imagined behind the windscreen of my car during a rainy evening

An imaginary based on a blend of last night’s sunset pictures of which one I posted earlier today.  

Interpretation of an Arum Lily 3

Interpretation of an Arum Lily 1

The Rock Collector revisited (imaginary)

Sometime ago I published this picture. Today I worked a bit on this portrait.