Black Sunbird Attack (2 pictures)

Close Encounter and an ‘attack’

From the archives. Shot in 2015 during a hike in the Eastern Cape. It was a hot midday and the animals had their siesta. Could approach them up to about 3 meters. That’s for me wild life photography: not in a game reserve but in the wild and up-and-as-close-as-possible. This picture recently came under heavy …

After the bird attack ….

….. the butterfly needed to rest for a while… (opalotype)

Church under attack

Attack of the pollen

  “Attack of the pollen” is the title of this elementary poster. It is made from one mainframe picture (sunrise with gate) added with some ‘cut’-flowers at the bottom and ‘refined’ pollen in the sky. It is Spring in South Africa and quite a few people are allergic for pollen. As usual; all items are …