Travel memories 1: Australia

During several removals in the past many things went lost or are still in unopened boxes. Sometimes I open a box like a few weeks ago. This box contained photographs of some of our travels. Still looking for many, many, other travel memories; especially the numerous ones for my work to the USA. Hopefully these …

Bottle Brush ….

… keeps on flowering. The Bottle Brush (Callistemon specie) originates from Australia and is so immense popular in South Africa that even local conservation people thin that this (tree-)shrub is indigenous to South Africa… 😉

First Bottle Brush

In our garden I noticed this morning that the small bottle brush tree (Callistemon, origining from Australia) has its first flower. Too beautiful to clean bottles with … 😉

Telecommunication with the ancestors

Spirituality of native (tribal) people around the globe, from Australia to Australia, has a significant element of ancestry in it. Native people of South Africa are balancing on the edge of traditional values and the ‘comfort’ of modern times.  Hence this imaginary of a Xhosa woman calling the spirits of her ancestors for guidance.