Time of the year

The Western Cape in South Africa is a Winter rainfall region. Most crops like barley, wheat and canola are sown in Autumn. There is activity on the land in soil preparation and sowing.

Autumn green 2

Autumn green

Autumn is here

Before and After (trial)

The challenge (Dutch client): make a picture of a Summer landscape and transform it into an Autumn landscape. Well I made 3 pictures here in South Africa where it is Winter … Now he also wants to have snow …. 😉

Clouds this morning

Autumn has arrived in South Africa.

Garden going vertical

Vertical gardening is a trend but is not new. New is that thanks to contemporary knowledge and modern thinking a vertical garden does not limits itself to a creeper agains a wall or a hedge. If you ‘google’ you will find numerous examples all over the globe; from Pakistan Eastwards to Afghanistan. Even veggie gardens …

Sundowner of the day

It’s Autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere but what a beautiful days finishing off with amazing sunsets; a different one every day…. This evening with a sea mist flowing into the lagoon nearby the village … Always a feast; this time with a glass of good local wine along the roadside…  

Autumn in the garden

Autumn here in South Africa does not mean that the garden goes dormant as in large parts of the Northern Hemisphere. On the contrary; we enjoy a year-round floral display. Not a day without flowers in our garden although the number of plants flowering can differ, even from day to day. See for yourself. Displayed …

Autumn colors rock