The Great Trek

Metamorphoto. More about The Great Trek in Wikipedia.

Shadow flying

The Bird-Watchers


Abstract 23

Lost in Frame (imaginary)

Air Craft 3

The children thing

Air Craft 2 (the real thing)

Flight show of Pelicans above the village. Pity I don’t have a 800 mm lens…

The Last Resort

An imaginary based on an impression of a day outing of one of the local pre-primary schools in our village. They went, by boat, to The Last Resort at the outskirts of Stanford. The Last Resort is a place where children are engaged in ‘play with nature’. It’s entertaining and educational; certainly better than a …

Air Craft 1

A ride with The River Rat

Our village is known for its bird population; a few hundred species nestling here. Most of them along the river. Three boat companies touring people around during sunrise and sunset. This morning I went with The River Rat. The others are The African Queen and Platana. But I did not photograph birds; just making a …

Walk Air

Shot this one from the front door.