Architecture in Baardskeerdersbos

A small town in the Overberg in the Western Cape, South Africa: Baardskeerdersbos. It’s there that artists, artisans, farmers and (merely during weekends) city slickers live peaceful together. And something is happening over there except for the annual ‘Baardskeerdersbos Art Route’.

Roland Murzl is an Austrian and settled himself and his family in Baardskeerdersbos a few years ago. He is an artisan builder, building new houses and restoring old ones. He developed the concept of the Mini House; a simple prefabricated wood frame house that can be assembled on the spot. It’s available is standard sizes of 40 square meters and equivalent larger sizes. At his estate he has two. One, in which he and his family live and the other one (half finished for potential buyers can get a better idea of the flexible possibilities of inside wall arrangements, etc.).

In his huge workshop (restored old barn equipped with solar panels for self sufficiency) Roland prefabricate the different elements needed for assembly at the different building spots.

An impression:

There is this artist …

His name is Jan Vingerhoets and lives in the ‘quaint artist village’ Baardskeerdersbos in the Western Cape. From scrap (car parts, geysers, thrown away furniture, etc,) he creates functional ornaments such as lights, chairs and even a clock. Jan has one purpose in life and that is repurpose. See for yourself.

Two more weeks

The Baardskeerdersbos Art Route this weekend was a great success for all including me selling several images and imaginaries. Reason for owner Ivan Trollip of the Baardskeerdersbos Art Gallery to extend my exhibition with another two weeks. I genuinely am surprised and blessed with such a great interest in my work. Thank you very much!!!

In between I visited a few other resident artist and also took some snapshots along the way.

Flabbergasted ….

I’m flabbergasted … Collected yesterday the framed prints in Cape Town. AWESOME to say it in FB-jargon. This weekend in the BBos Art Gallery in Baardskeerdersbos. All 18 of them.
Other work of Lynda Kropman, Ivan Michael Trollip, Mark Chapman and the resident artists of Baardskeerdersbos. This morning me and Ivan Michael Trollip installed my imaginaries, landscapes, a portrait and Haiku images. While Ivan  was doing the work I took the opportunity to make some snapshots.