Tree top with misty background

Photo Art or Photo-Software Skills?

Some people think it’s ‪#‎ART‬: a flower against a black background. For me it’s just skills but I know that if I add a nice story to it this image will increase in value. Just a thought on a Sunday morning. (replaced the original garden background with black plus texture)

Sunset Rainbow

A photograph made on the verandah facing Northeast with cloud covered Klein Rivier Mountains in the background.

In the back (2 pics)

Shot from the roof

I make most of my pictures in and around our house but was never on top. Those few meters make a difference. Note: color of background is influenced by sea mist (and not Photoshop).

Imaginary: Feet are made for walking

For this imaginary I used 23 different (refined) textures for the background. Here and there I added the running kids, my feet and other (hardly visible) objects between the layers. For the ‘finishing touch’ I used (with many times an ‘undo’) the ‘content aware’ tool of Photoshop. This imaginary is inspired by the Russian born …

Imaginary Street Art 4

Some name it murals most others say it’s graffiti and there are also people who call it street art. Paintings are perishable and so are wall paintings, graffiti, murals etc. I’m not a painter but I can photoshop a little bit hence my Imaginary Street Art (or is it ‘Imaginary Murals’ etc.?). I don’t have …

The brick-maker left his signature

Look the the marks on some of the bricks (locally handcrafted in traditional way). This picture will be the background in a serie of 10 ‘Imaginary Street Art’ pictures which I start publishing in this blog from tomorrow onwards on a daily base.

The Klein Rivier Delta and the Ocean

The ocean is behind the dunes in the background. 🙂

The Klein Rivier Delta

Shot a few kilometers from our house: the Klein Rivier (‘Little River’) Delta; the area where this river goes over into a lagoon. There are a few hundred different bird species nestling along ‘our’ river during the year. Reason to celebrate the, internationally highly recommended (by birding experts) annual bird fair in this village; this …