Abstract 22

Image on top is HDR-blend of both other pictures (thumbnails); each of which are multiple exposed in same digital frame. Original shots of wall ‘Banana House’ 100 meters from here

TheWall_DSC0492 _DSC0496

Going bananas

Picturing a banana or picturing a woman eating a banana can be very tricky. Some people do seemingly like to think that it always has a sexual meaning. When I pictured a 13 year old model from our village some time ago I asked her if she wanted something to eat; fruit for example. All fruits are okay she said as long as it’s not a banana. So I pictured her with a banana but she was unable to bring the banana near her nose (“that awful smell”) and that is how I photographed her mentioning, in all innocence, that she “does not like bananas”… I should not have done that …..

Every village, even ours, has its own gossiping women….. And as long as everybody realize it’s all gossip we can just laugh about it.

Want some?

You’re too late.

I just ate it.