15000 hits

At 7 AM this morning this site achieved the milestone of 15000 hits. Not too shabby I hope. Thanks to all my followers and the others ‘who hit the nail on its head’ (Dutch expression). For all of you a flower parade. Dutch always say it with flowers; especially the ones living in South Africa. …

Shades of two wonderful ladies

The Beauty inside and outside


Not for hanging myself but for drying clothes..

Beauty ‘Made in Stanford’

Model: Natasha Styling: Hair by Belinda Accessories: Dhunga

Good Morning

Don’t say that we are not spoiled with beautiful sunrises!!! (Thanks) šŸ™‚

Photographing jewelry (finalizing)

Recently I posted about my first trial to set up a brochure for Yvonne’s jewelry business. In the meantime I’ve been working on it on an almost daily basis and at the end this labor is bearing some fruit (she is giving her approving nods… šŸ™‚ ). Here two pictures to start with. This weekend …

In the meantime out there ….

….. clouds are piling up in our own ‘Smokey Mountains’ (Klein Rivier Mountains’). Still Autumn but Winter on its way. We are, however, privileged to live in a moderate climate with a year-round floral display in our succulent garden. The rain adds extra beauty to the flowers (see thumbnails below main picture).

Beauty of the Day


Some cacti don’t only have spines. This pilosocereus specie in our garden also has hair.