Black & White in South Africa

Close-up photography of a zebra

Mesemb in flower

Mesembs is the collective noun for a group of succulent plants from Southern Africa. In Black & White.    

My feet on different surfaces

You may have ‘Beneath My Feet’ in Black & White. This weeks challenge reminds me to one of my first photography lessons: ‘picture the square meter where your feet are standing’. That was in black and white. The large picture I will redo by adding some textures and tones and that one you’ll see back in …

Flower of the day in Black & White

Sea Mist in Black & White

The Boss again but now in Black & White


“Imagination is more important than knowledge“, said Albert Einstein once. So let’s imagine that this spineless cactus (known as Lophocereus scottii Monstrose) is a reïncarnation of an anaconda with human eyes …. May I?

Food presentation in Black and White

This morning I’ve been engaged in the assignment of food presentation in Black & White for a restaurant. I did one plate in different stages of ‘food-decoration’. I’ve chosen three images for this blog.

In reality it’s purple and white with a hint of yellow …

… but Black & White is also beautiful.

Leaf of a Bread Tree (cycad) from a macro point of view