It looks black …

Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

Humanity begins in your own environment was my first thought when I read about it in the Weekly Photo Challenge in the Daily Post. 20 Odd years after ‘apartheid’ there are still some barriers to overcome in South Africa. I live in Stanford, Western Cape, South Africa. This village is not an exception although the relations between people …

Did you know that black is very colorful?

Silly question of course; every photographer knows that. This morning I decided to play a bit with a bird that looks black but is not. A bit of photoshopping, first in RAW and later in PSD, made this black bird (kind of starling, I believe) more colorful. It also made the white gutter a bit …

The inside story of a Freesia in Black and White

Could not resist. Wrote yesterday that I’ll be back on this blog next Friday. Well … love this photo soooooo much …. etc., etc., And now I’m out!!! 😉

Top-down Approach in Black and White of a Bromelia and a Lachenellia

The Lost People

If people (especially the ones from outside the African Continent) are talking about South Africa the conversation is ‘Black’ and ‘White’. But what about the in-between South Africans? These are, with one foot in ancient tradition and the other in contemporary (white) society; the ‘Lost People’. The ‘Coloreds’ have their own world embedded between vague …

Black and White in the Winter Garden

An early morning in Black and White

This morning’s B to W

A quick morning check in the garden with camera in hand. From top to bottom: Flowering Massonia sp., a curled variety of a Echinocactus grussonii (Mother’s in law chair) and a flowering Aloe sp. Not in a colorful mood today so all pictures between black and white.

It’s red and green with everything in between but we prefer to see it from Black to White

These pictures of a Kalanchoe thyrsifolia (origin: Madagascar) are dedicated to Odile d’Harnois of Lectures au Coeur (freely translated: ‘Lectures of the Heart). Pictures are like movies; some you like to see in full color and others in B&W with everything in between.