The low profile Blue Crane

A rare sighting (several pictures)

The Blue Crane is the national bird of South Africa. Only in very remote areas in my region you will see them with offspring. Luckily I have a consent of some farmers to go on their property. With their offspring Blue Cranes tend to keep away from public roads.  

Blue Crane chasing Guinea Fowls


Portraiture of a Blue Crane

Look how high I can jump

The grass is always greener …

… at the other side of the fence

Blue Crane composites

A client wants a large (1800 x 1200mm) canvas print of blue cranes against a background of flowering canola fields. The choice is his. These are the rough composites he can choose from.  Once the decision is made I can refine (detailing, de-noising, etc.) the chosen image. Which one would you choose?

Not many?

The Blue Crane is a declared endangered (vulnerable) bird specie in South Africa. But every time I drive in the ‘outback’ I see hundreds of them including numerous young ones.

Blue cranes

Blue cranes are listed as an endangered specie in South Africa