Portraiture of a Blue Crane

Look how high I can jump

The grass is always greener …

… at the other side of the fence

Blue Crane composites

A client wants a large (1800 x 1200mm) canvas print of blue cranes against a background of flowering canola fields. The choice is his. These are the rough composites he can choose from.  Once the decision is made I can refine (detailing, de-noising, etc.) the chosen image. Which one would you choose?

Not many?

The Blue Crane is a declared endangered (vulnerable) bird specie in South Africa. But every time I drive in the ‘outback’ I see hundreds of them including numerous young ones.

Blue cranes

Blue cranes are listed as an endangered specie in South Africa

Sneaky walk

Peekaboo Blue Crane

Trying to impress me

Blue Crane taking off