Looks good…

Fishing 5 metres from the bank in a boat  with the bait towards the bank…. just wonder where they need the boat for. Maybe because it looks so good, professional, or what?

But the joke of it all: there are only very small fish in this water (‘Die Vlei’ in our village) and when the fish are getting less small… well there are plenty of ducks, and other water birds.

The license plate on their pickup truck says C(all) A(again) and that explains it all … 🙂 (CA = Cape Town).


Whale Watching

Hermanus in the Western Cape, South Africa attracts many tourists for whale watching. Even in season (June-December) it can happen that there are days that you hardly see any and other days it’s a joyful sight seeing them play as far as the eye reaches. Yesterday, virtually the end of season, they were very quiet but just before I went back to Stanford I could make a few shots and added together with photoshop it looks like real. And I realize now that many (commercial touristic) shots of whales nearby a beach are manipulated ….. Best is to go with one of those whale watching boats and a telelens mounted on your camera to obtain a nice close-up.