An artist’s bridge

Pictured at the studio of painter Ivan Trollip in Baardskeerdersbos, Western Cape, South Africa.

The ‘Grand Rapids’ of Napier

Shot from the ‘bridge’ (Small is beautiful)

Crossing a Bridge

Candid Portraits 52: Crossing the Bridge

The hidden powers of H2O

I grew up in The Netherlands between the two main rivers; protected by dikes and averaging 1 meter below average water level was my house amongst many others. Growing up with water learns you the (hidden) powers of H2O. Moving to a farm in South Africa in 2000, situated on the slope of a hill, …

In the Middle of the Road

When the Germans made there ‘Autobahnen’ throughout their country the slogan was “Immer Gerade Aus” (=”Always straight forward”). I thought about that when I recently drove up North from our village. I also remember a true story from my youth when a German lost his way in my village of birth (Beneden-Leeuwen, Netherlands) and asked …

Bridge over the River without a Name

A bridge on the farm

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