Hibiscus in the bud


Stephanotus bud

Flower bud at night

Look alike bananas in a flower bud

It comes out of the bud

The Awakening of the Bud

Next week this Astrophytum specie will flower.

Winter in South Africa 5 of 10

Almost out of the bud. 

Protea in de bud

Tomorrow it will be open. Protea is one of these fynbos genera and we are living in the middle of it. The Overberg region is the global center for the protea culture. Farmers grow them in plantations and also collect flowers in their ‘veld’. They need to have several permits for that. Where-ever in the …

A historical event in the village …

… but not many are aware of it: The first flower of the Stenocereus beneckei has opened after months in the bud. Not only just opened but it seemingly needed a gale force wind last night. This morning to our big surprise, coming back from a rainy and stormy hike along the beach during sunrise,  one of …