No business like bee business


First concept I made (on Dutch account) for posters of a MTB-rental business (MTB = Mountain Bike).

Time for some bee business

Flower Feast

Yesterday a Flower Feast was on its way but that the party was planned for today is a big surprise. This cactus is, including flowers 20 cm high (‘small’ if you prefer) and the largest diameter is 11 cm. Total: 14 party gangsters waiting for Bee-Business.    

Open for Bee Business

What did I do?

Simple; just e-merging. What’s the idea? T-shirt print maybe…(?)…. Who is going to buy? You tell me!

Wonder what the message is this time

….Or; Message in a bottle?

Politics in Africa …..

… Family business as usual:

Photographing jewelry (finalizing) 2

A few days ago I posted about the ‘branding’ of Yvonne’s (my wife) jewelry or jewellery (for the Americanos). I’m not a graphical designer but one of our neighbors is. I was stuck with the header; in fact it was a point of sophisticated discussion (no plates broken, etc.) between me and my client. So …

Photographing jewelry (finalizing)

Recently I posted about my first trial to set up a brochure for Yvonne’s jewelry business. In the meantime I’ve been working on it on an almost daily basis and at the end this labor is bearing some fruit (she is giving her approving nods… šŸ™‚ ). Here two pictures to start with. This weekend …