A few Cacti (2 pictures)

Still many awesome ornamental succulent plants for SALE

Despite excellent sales during the past two Sundays we still have a few hundred plants for sale; partly in pots and partly directly from the garden. Amongst these plants are still some collector’s items. Prices are realistic (mentioned in captions and in South African Rand); we don’t deal in bargains. What we don’t sell goes …

Plant collection for sale

Ideal for collectors, landscapers, etc. in the Western Cape, South Africa. In a few months time we move to another place. We can either take our collection with us (well, we take some for sure) or sell. We have chosen for the latter option. Huge collection cacti and (African) succulent plants for sale. Ideal for …

Cacti flowers in monochrome

Fish hook

The ferocactus, also named fish hook cactus originates from Mexico. This specie has pink flowers which is seemingly fairly rare. Usually ferocacti have red/orange flowers.

In a way cacti are like people ….

….. only a few have brains …

Cacti (with texture)

One and one double

The Dare Devil

Cactus season has started

Although we had a few flowering cacti this Winter; most of the cacti flower between September and February/March. This Fero Cactus symbolizes the beginning of the Cactus Season here in South Africa. Although even local cactus nurseries tell their customers (who prefer indigenous plants) that cacti originate from (South) Africa I can assure you that …