Azuro Cactus


Pelecyphora aselliformis

It’s a cactus:

Peyote cactus in flower

Fishhook Cactus

First time flowering in the new garden: Neobuxbaumia Cactus

Always charming

Tommy Ngwenya now also knows how to kiss a cactus

A few years ago we landscaped a no-extra-water-needed garden in the outskirts of ‪‎Stanford‬. When we recently announced that we are selling the large feature plants in our garden the owners approached us for another round. This time we worked closely together with Tommy Ngwenya and, oh boy, what a delight to work with such …

Fero Cactus

Lophocereus Scotti Monstrose

Spineless cactus. Origin Mexico/Texas. Also grows well in our garden in Stanford, South Africa.