After the rain ….. 5

….. is always Sunshine. After heavy rainfall on Thursday 9 May the sun came through and around 9 AM I shot several detail pictures with my Sony A77 with Sigma 70-300 Macro lens. The lens was directed more or less towards the sun. All images in B&W. Today number 5 of 10.

From different perspectives

Being prickly in the garden

And this is a cactus…..

… but without spines. It’s a fairly rare one from Mexico and its botanical name is ‘Pelecyphora asceliformis’. Capisce? In Black & White more charming than in pale greenish/white.

Soaking seed capsules

One of the spin offs of our garden is the distribution of seeds from our plants. Some seeds are difficult to obtain such as these from a Mammillaria specie (=cactus). After harvesting the seed capsules they need to soak for some days and when the tissue is soft it’s easy to remove. Next the seeds …

After the rain

Some of the best garden pictures are made just after a rain shower. This certainly applies for flowers. The rain seems to contribute to the brightness of the colors. But this also depends on time and the angle towards to light source (sun). Etc. etc. These two images were shot at around 9 AM and …

Flowering cactus during the day

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Morning, noon, late afternoon …

Prickly with some color

Often the beauty of a plant is in its details; especially with succulent plants but than these are also our favorite type of plants. Just look at this Mammillaria specie; prickly with some color.

Life is full of cactus but you don’t have to sit on it

Just admire the flowers…..

Portrait of a Fero Cactus

Good Morning! At last, after so many years, I succeeded in producing a flower. I’m a Fero Cactus and my ancestors originate from Mexico. They also name me Fish Hook Cactus and if you look closely you know why.