Cactus flower 1

Cactus flower season in South Africa

2 pictures

Noto Cactus in flower

Azuro cactus flower

Bumping into a giant Cactus

Shaman only

This is a flowering Lophophora williamsii; better known as the peyote cactus. In Mexican tradition only a shaman is allowed to use (chew) the dried slices of this cactus to enhance his visions. In fact this cactus has hallucinating properties comparable with mescaline/LSD (Read Aldous Huxley: Doors of Perception). The last time I was in Texas …

Droplets 2

Focus on one droplet in a cactus

Azuro cactus flower in B and W

Early morning cactus

Neobuxbaumia and a cycad leaf in B&W (slightly toned)

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