Calabis hookerii

Grown from seed. Today is 12 yrs ago I sowed this magnificent rare caudiciform.

Fockea edulis; Caudex and Roots

Fockea is a genus of succulent plants (caudiciform) native to Southern Africa, known collectively as water roots, a reference to their characteristic bulbous caudex. The specie edulis is one of the two species that are native (endemic) to South Africa. Pot shot in our garden.

Fockea edulis

(caudiciform plant from Southern Africa)

The ‘Whale’ in the Garden

This is one of the fastest growing succulent plants in our garden. It’s an Adenia spinosa and this caudiciform originates from the Highveld in South Africa somewhere in the area where one of my most faithful followers is nestled. The caudex can grow to approximately 2 meters in diameter. Last year I published an image on …

Adenia producing seeds

B&W Caudex of a Pelargonium

Those ‘strange’ associations ….

…. during a walk in the garden…