Earth Hour after some photoshopping

Last night I posted some images I made earlier that evening during the Earth Hour celebration in our village. This morning I took a few to the ‘photoshop’ and this is the result.

Something about the history of Earth Hour in South Africa: It started all here in this little village, somewhere in nowhere between the whales (Hermanus) and the sharks (Gansbaai) in the Western Cape. A year later Cape Town followed but the difference is that in Stanford Earth Hour is celebrated in the way it should…..


Earthour1WEB_DSC3712WEB2 Earthhour6web

Inside Outside

Every picture has a story. This one is not an exception. I named it ‘Inside Outside’, but that’s me.

This is the last posting of this year. Having a break but I’ll be back in the early beginning of 2013. Wishing you all a great Christmas celebration and a prosperous 2013 and beyond!!!