Greetings from Napier (36 pictures to tease you)

Where I like to be:

In 2000 we emigrated from The Netherlands to South Africa but only the past 2 years we are really enjoying ourselves in home-sweet-home-in-Napier in the Overberg region in the Western Cape. Not that we did not enjoy the years before but there is a difference.

Napier and direct surrounds are a photographer’s paradise; there is no area in the Western Cape with such an intensity of ever changing light colours; rain or shine. Wonderful layered landscapes unfold themselves; the change of the seasons, the challenge of getting lost in the ‘outback’….. You name it.

Napier is a place to discover; especially the surrounding landscapes. Pity that hardly any traveller, between the tourist hotspots of Cape Town and Cape Agulhas turn off the main road to get lost….. Or should I be happy about that?


Before and After (trial)

The challenge (Dutch client): make a picture of a Summer landscape and transform it into an Autumn landscape. Well I made 3 pictures here in South Africa where it is Winter …

Now he also wants to have snow …. 😉

The Earth Beneath my Feet

Recently I took the challenge to photograph ‘Beneath my Feet‘ In no time I made some B&W’s and posted them. And honestly (look for yourself) I got some ‘likes’ as well ( 😀 😀 😀 Thank you Guys). Time to take one of the images and add some textures. It seems that there is somebody of whom I don’t know wether she is living in Cape Town and/or Stanford but anyway the title of this blog post is the same as her blog: The Earth Beneath My Feet.  It’s the ‘Scenic South’ of the Western Cape.