The Cheetah Run


Profile of a Cheetah

The Cheetah Run 2

(revisited with added textures and toning)

Cheetah with cub

Cheetah Head up (2 pictures)

Cheetah Pop Art

I wish …

… I had the time to picture wildlife in their natural habitat (not in a zoo). Two years ago I stumbled during a hike on two cheetahs bathing in the sun and I shot one of them.


Last year April during a hike I almost bumped into a couple cheetahs sunbathing in the Eastern Cape. It was hot and they were fairly inactive. I could approach them up to about 2 meters distance and not a centimeter closer. Anyway I got the opportunity to picture one and processed the original RAW file …


Life size. European customer. Made this picture last year during a hike in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Just stumbled upon two cheetahs sunbathing (it was a very hot day and wildlife is very inactive during the heat of the day). I prefer picturing wildlife in the wild and preferable without telelens. It takes patience …