100 Meters down the road …

… is this church.

Rocket Science in Caledon

Shot through the windscreen. Church of Caledon in the Western Cape, South Africa. Window reflection and added textures.

The vane moves again

A week ago there was some life in our rural village. The vane of the church had been stuck for several years (the wind always came from the Southwest 😉 ) and the church board succeeded at last in obtaining the funds to ‘loosen’ the vane. In the meantime municipal workers cleaning the street and …

Earth, Wind and Fire

In addition to serving as spouts for water in ancients times, the gaping mouths of gargoyles evoked the fearsome destructiveness of these legendary beasts, reminding the laity of the need for the (Roman Catholic) church’s protection. A previous owner of this house added them to keep evil spirits out. Original photographs in black and white. …

It’s SUNday in Napier

Help; de kerk verzuipt

(Help; the church goes under)


‘The church survived’

Inside the church and the church framed

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Yesterday I went to church and it was empty

Village 10 (Nightlife in Church Street)